Current Research Areas

Low Power Circuits (Sensor Interface, Analog/Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits)
Advanced fabrication technologies and emerging systems like quantum computer, sensing networks have new requirements on the circuits in terms of power consumption, operating environment and precision. We are exploring novel circuit design techniques to maintain the ASICs' performance under extreme conditions like high/low temperature, strong EM irradition, etc.

Passive Sensing Platform for Internet of Things (IoT)
To enable the vision of IoT and AI powered future world, the front-end devices, sensors, are of utmost importance to collect and feed data into the AI engine to perform analysis and control. Given the number and diversity of the target sensing spots, the sensor node should be low-cost and maintainance-free. We are working on new passive sensing platforms integrating power, sensor, communication as well as coarse data process on a single substrate.

Heterogeneous Sensors (Chemical, Biomolecular, MEMS) for Biomedical Applications
To develop enabling technologies and miniaturized devices which bring benefits to people that are not accessible to regular medical screening, various sensors are required to capture different bio-signals. Our group are exploring the interface and integration techniques to design heterogeneous biomedical sensing system.

Chip and System Gallery

A Passive Sense Tag with High Sensing Sensitivity and Pseudo-Memory for Data Storage
Bo Wang, Eric Yi, Qibin Zhu        June 2018

Lab Resources

R&S HMP4040 Power Supply
R&S®FSW8 Spectrum Analyzer
Keysight 33600A Waveform Generator
Keysight E4990A Impedance Analyzer
Keysight N5181B MXG RF Analog Signal Generator
Keysight B2902A Precision Source/Measure Unit
Keysight E4980A LCR Meter
Keysight 35670A FFT Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Tektronix MSO5204B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
Tektronix TLA6400 Logic Analyzer
Fluke 8508A Reference Multimeter
Others: Bonding machine, PCB maker, 3D printer, optical bentch, inkjet printer, SEM, advanced rework station, etc.

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